Friday, November 28, 2008

AFFLUENZA - Do You Have it?

"AFFLUENZA" is a serious social disease - caused by consumerism, commercialism and obsessive materialism - that is having a devastating impact on our families, communities, and the environment. We have more stuff, but less time, and our quality of life seems to be deteriorating. We as consumers make more impulse purhcases now than ever before.
We have more junk than we know what to do with and it seems to compound from year to year. I know that looking around my house and analyzing my "stuff" I realize that I have been collecting since my freshman year of college and still collecting. What happened the good old days when people had one or two things they collected? Now collections seems to encompass our entire house, cars, yards, garages, and not too mention our livves. Are Advetsisers the only ones to blame for the excessive clutter....or have we, as consumers, taken on part of the blame?

By using personal stories, expert commentary, hilarious old film clips, and "uncommercial" breaks to illuminate the nature and extent of the disease, AFFLUENZA has appealed to widely diverse audiences: from freshmen orientation programs to consumer credit counseling, and from religious congregations to marketing classes.

Diagnose yourself using the key below.
1. I'm willing to pay more for a t-shirt if it has a cool
corporate logo on it.
2. I believe that if I buy the cocktail dress, the cocktail
party will come.
3. I have a shoe collection Imelda Marcos would envy.
4. When I'm cold, I take my clothes off and turn up the heat.
5. I'm willing to work 40 years at a job I hate so I can buy
lots of stuff.
6. When I'm feeling blue, I like to go shopping and treat myself.
7. I want a sports utility vehicle, although I rarely drive in
conditions that warrant one.
8. I usually make just the minimum payment on my credit cards.
9. I believe that whoever dies with the most toys wins.
10. Most of the things my friends/family and I enjoy doing
together are free.
11. I don't measure my self-worth (or that of others) by what
I own.
12. I know how to pinch a dollar until it screams.
13. I worry about the effects of advertising on children.
14. To get to work, I carpool, ride my bike or use public
15. I'd rather be shopping right now.

For questions 1-9 and 15, give yourself 2 points for true and 1 point for false.

For questions 10-14, give yourself 0 points for true and 2 points for false.
If you scored:

10-15 No dangerous signs of Affluenza at this time.
Watch Affluenza to help build immunity.

16-22 Warning: You have mild Affluenza. Watch Affluenza to help prevent
a full-blown case, and see our handy tips for squishing the Affluenza bug.

23-30 Cut up your credit cards and call a doctor!
36 Watch Affluenza, and then watch it again.

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